Premium organic hair products company, Aveda UK (Estee Lauder Cosmetics Limited), has launched a brand-new hair service booking website in conjunction with software company, Powered by Flossie.

In a world-first application, the website curates available appointment times across the wide network of Aveda partner salons and promotes them through social media to savvy consumers and converts them through a ground-breaking booking experience. Customers can now “book the look” in under 30 seconds at Aveda partner salons.

What’s unique about this approach? Powered by Flossie Founder and CEO, Jenene Crossan, explains that it’s never been done before: “In a year where…

New York based for the past 4+ years’ Deborah (Deb) Bell, originally from New Zealand has joined the Powered by Flossie board.

Deb brings her global wealth of experience to the team spanning 10+ years as an investment banking professional advising companies on a wide range of strategic situations, predominately M&A transactions.

Her career journey started at New Zealand’s Cameron Partners / Rothschild before moving to Gresham Partners Australia. Most recently with Perella Weinberg in New York, Deb focused on advising clients in the consumer goods space. Examples include KKR on its US$4.3b acquisition of a majority stake in Coty’s…

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Purpose: share insights and ‘open source’ our knowledge. We want to provide our own reality check; fresh perspectives and ideas to consider.

Considerations: these are just our thoughts based on data and insights pooled from multiple resources. We discussed this in our recent webinar, Preparing for the Regrowth: strategies for consumer focussed businesses.


  • The health crisis world-wide will make way for an economic crisis.
  • The economic impact may take two years before it’s fully felt, it will likely have a long and rolling impact over time.
  • This isn’t a banking crisis, they’ve been in great…
Co-founders of Flossie, Jenene Crossan (left) and Steven Torrance (right)

I wanted to take a moment to be transparent on the evolution of our business that we’re taking. We’re fortunate to be sitting in a good position right now and I want to share our journey so that others in the industry can benefit from the support we’ve received.

We have spent the last month considering the consumer, salon trends and our own business strategy, and I’d like to share these with you.


Our purpose is to create exceptional user experiences and we believe we are the best in the world at…

Before Covid-19 we didn’t have enough time; everybody was rushed and pressured — go-go-go. Now, life has changed and we may become more selective on “who” we spend time with. We discuss the ramifications of the new currency of time on the hair and beauty service industry.

Nobody can predict the future, there is no crystal ball. If you’d asked me in January what my life in April would look like, it wasn’t this. As I’m sure is the case for every single person reading this.

Change is the one constant, and its pace has quickened to a heady speed…

By Jenene Crossan, founder of Powered by Flossie

Jenene, image credit Matt Carsson

I horripilated when I first heard Cynthia Nixon’s, “Be A Lady”. I leaned out. There was shame in those two brutal minutes of women’s realities; watching the horror story of our existence, in spite of my pride at such stark truth being slayed. The guilt attached to falling for the gas lighting, the lies, the psychological warfare and manipulation. It made me feel….tired.

But behind that tiredness was indignance. A great big “fuck you” came from deep within, alongside the realisation that this needs to STOP. RIGHT. NOW.

Just this last week…

Powered by Flossie, aggregates salon network data into a central API and front-end themed booking platform. Hair/beauty product companies are now able to proactively digitise, merchandise & track the full customer data journey on behalf of their salon network.

Technology to access and aggregate salon data. Fixing the challenge experienced by every hair/beauty product company.

The problem

Hair / beauty professional product companies have never been able to access the availability data from across their fragmented salon networks. This is because their salon partners are all using different software systems to manage their businesses.

These software systems provide no API’s and there is no way to aggregate the data.

The result? Product companies can’t aggregate or track data, creating data dead-ends in the marketing ROI and ‘end user’ intel — a dangerous strategic position in a direct-to-consumer revolution.

Introducing Powered by Flossie

A world-first-solution


We polled a thousand women in London to tell us about their salon booking experience and the results were pretty terrifying if you’re a salon owner. We discuss the context behind the numbers.

Tackling customer churn in the salon industry

What I love about our hyper-connected era is that I can have a craving for ice-cream, hop online and within 15 minutes it arrives on my doorstep, cold and delicious. The experience of making the order is incredibly considered; there is choice, instruction, flow and simplicity in the payment. …

Personal observations from Jenene Crossan Kiwi Founder, based in London on modernising hair & beauty technology for a better customer experience.

I’ve just arrived back into London from my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, where it’s mid-summer and the humidity has firmly reminded me that I am no longer a spring chicken. Pass me the face spritz, puh-lease. It’s days like these that my make-up simply slides into the creases of my face and then down my top.

But no more! Come 2021 I’ll be able to utilise L’Oréal’s incredibly techy and innovative new step into the next-gen of make-up…

Powered by Flossie

Powered by Flossie aggregates salon network data into a central API and front-end themed booking platform.

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