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  • Emma Rose Bienvenu

    Emma Rose Bienvenu

    Jack of all trades, master of some. B.A., B.C.L., J.D., M.Econ., LL.M. Follow me on twitter @emmarosepb

  • Sudheer Koneru

    Sudheer Koneru

    Founder & CEO of Zenoti, a leading software platform for salons, spas and med-spas. Spent nearly three decades in software, and personally run a chain of Spas

  • Francesca (Check) Warner

    Francesca (Check) Warner

    Partner, Ada Ventures. Investing in overlooked founders and markets. Co-founder & CEO of Diversity VC. www.adaventures.com

  • Maria Kovacevic

    Maria Kovacevic

    Trying to re-invent the way we shop online as Community Engagement Lead at Moonsift

  • Alex Reed

    Alex Reed

    Founder, CEO & Product Manager with a love for UX, technology and business model innovations + deep interest in the role of human psychology within these.

  • Jenene Crossan

    Jenene Crossan

  • Cath Carlsen

    Cath Carlsen

    Current COO @flossie. Ex-Marketing Ops @vendhq. Positivity & goodwill. Lover & protector of our oceans.

  • Beatrice Aliprandi

    Beatrice Aliprandi

    Principal @TalisCapital. Traveller, good eater, bit nerdy, pilates, mindful meditation. Obsessed with Candy Crush.

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